Wednesday 22 August 2018

Week left

Only a week left in Chicago We're not flying back just yet. First we're going to drive to Niagara Falls before driving back through Canada.
We fly back on the 11th Sept, arriving on Wednesday 12th.

Friday 17 August 2018

Nearly home

I've loved these past 4 and a half months in Chicago.  It's a great city with really friendly people.  Having friends coming over for visits has been good too.  Thanks to the Matthews, Penneys, Clarks, Houghams and Olleys.

Looking after Flo has been hard work but it's been a lot of fun too.  She's come on a long way these past few months and has really got a distinct personality.

April's got 7 and a half more days of work before we head to Niagara Falls for a week or so (most of that is travelling and stopping off at various places).  On the way back we're going to head into Canada and have a day trip to Toronto.

We're finally due to fly back on the 11th of September, landing back in the UK on the 12th.  It will be nice to get back and start getting back into a normal routine.  However I will first need to find a job.

Yeah, boxes!

Best toys ever

Introducing Flo to LOTR

She's got to start sometime

I hope it's an airshow

For the past few days with been getting loads of flybys by the US air force.  The sound that these things make is emense, and it bounces off all of the high rise buildings so you can't tell where they're coming from sometimes.

Crazy golf

I'm not sure what handicap having a baby strapped to your chest gives you but I finished 2nd, a long way back from first.

April's highlight was this basket ball shot

Friend visit

We had some friends come and stay for a week last week.  It was great to see everyone.  We were very lucky as one of April's colleagues who lives in our building was away so he let us use his apartment for them to stay in.

Baseball game two

We went to the baseball again on Sunday.  The cubs dramatically won in the last play of the game with 4 runs on the last ball of the game.  It almost made up for the rest of the game being dull.

I so want this painting

I really want the Office Space painting (top left).  It's one of my favorite films and that was one of the best scenes.

The pub was full of these paintings.  Unfortunately they were not for sale.

Brewery tour

Last Saturday we went on a brewery tour of Chicago.  April wanted to go to a yarn shop and there happened to be 3 breweries fairly close by so we all headed out with her.  Chicago has a fair few decent breweries, I think we've been to 4 semi big ones.  And a couple of others that are attached to bars too.

In case you need something to stir your bloody Mary with

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is a strip of crispy bacon.

I found a new games shop a month ago

A pretty decent selection of games at this games shop.  There were the free to play ones.  The other side of the shop had games to buy.  Games Workshop, D&D plus standard boardgames too.

A great shop, that had games nights most days of the week.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so bad with meeting new people as it might have been fun.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

It's time to go for a walk

When Florence grabs the TV remote and turns it off you know that it's time to take her out for a walk.

Mr C

Florence likes these little plastic links, they're fairly good at connecting her toys to things like the pram.  However she's lost most of the ones she got from Australia.  I found them on e-bay so bought her 48 more.  They should last us till we get back to the UK.

Not a minutes peace

Now that Florence is crawling all over the place and constantly wanting to stand I get absolutely no peace and quiet (hence not many blog posts recently).  I sit down on the sofa for 5 minutes and she wants to get up there too.  Urgh, it's bloody hard work.

Star of the show

We both took Florence to her last baby play time at the library on Monday.  Flo was the star of the show.  Waving and clapping at all the appropriate times.  I don't know where she gets the extrovert gene from.  It's certainly not from us.

How many can I stick on Florence?

I bought these rubber toys for Flo the other day.  They're very good at sticking to the floor, unfortunately not so good at sticking to Florence.

Family of twats

Not 1 but 4 of them on idiot chariots.  One was pushing a pram!

Leave Florence for 2 minutes

And look at what happens.  Look at her innocent face.