Wednesday 31 August 2022

Quiet birthday pint

 Snuck out for a quiet birthday pint in my local at lunch and happened to mention the special day.  One of the staff decided it was necessary to sing Happy birthday to me.  Thanks.

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Well, that was pointless

 I have to go into the office every Tuesday, this morning as I was rounding the corner to the office I had an automated call stating that the network was not working so I should try to work at home if possible.  Grrr...  FFS!  That's £35 i'll never get back.  At least my commute back was on their time, not mine.

Monday blues

 We had friends over on Sunday and April made a Lasagne.  It was lovely but unfortunately I was suffering from a bout of suspected food poisoning!  Not from my birthday meal I might add!  Mostly better today thankfully.

Birthday meal

 Some of the Tonbridge lot popped over on Sunday for a birthday meal.  I cooked cod with a chorizo crumb topping.  And very nice it was too.

Friday 26 August 2022

My princess

My beautiful daughter. April and Flo went into London to see the Frozen musical. Flo obviously dressed up and had a lovely time.

Walkie-talkie visit

Popped up to the to floor of the office on Tuesday. April and Flo are heading in next week to see my workplace so need to do a reckie of how to head up to the "sky view". I'm only in the 4th floor which is good but the viewing platform is all the way up on the 35th. 

Incidentally, my brother also works in the building but comes in even less than me.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Sleepy Arthur

 Arthur was practically asleep whist feeding him his lunch last weekend.  Maybe you should sleep longer over night???

A flotilla of canoes

 Walking back from the shops with Flo last Sunday and spotted this whilst going over the big bridge.

Dancing shoes

April's off to London today with Florence to see the Frozen musical so Flo has gone all dressed up (Elsa), to make it extra special she's got a new pair of shoes.  Arthur loved so much that he wanted a turn.


Eastbourne Airshow

 Last Saturday we were down in Eastbourne again, this time to see the Airshow.

Arthur looks just like me

I took Arthur for his 2.5yr check up yesterday.  All good.  Although shockingly 75th percentile for height and 99th percentile for weight! Jeez!

Tonbridge now has a Wimpy!

 So we thought we'd give it a try.  Verdict:  Fine.  Very cheap though.

Friday 19 August 2022

We had to take Arthur home


Arthur was sent home from his nursery at 9:30 this morning as he'd been a little sick.  Of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with him but it means we have to look after him when we're supposed to be working.  April had the afternoon off anyway but had plans with Flo and some of her local friends and was going to have to take him with them to a fancy restaurant but luckily a friend stepped in to help out.  Arthur's currently asleep so he doesn't have to do much but it is good to have some good friends local.

There's been a murder

 A popular street in Tonbridge and the local park was cordoned off this morning.  It turns out there was a murder last night and they have caught who they think is responsible.  Yikes

Tuesday 16 August 2022


Didn't get to eat tonight before heading off to the games cafe. I spotted the Indian was still open so decided to treat myself.
We've got a baby sitter as April's out too so thought to myself why not? Why not indeed?

As it turns out I ordered far too much and had to take half home.

Doggy bag

One shot

Just finished a one shot cyberpunk red adventure. It was good fun. I was a Solo (military dude) called, you guessed it ... Rombardo Lazerous. Even my new group get the 'joke'.

It was only the GM's 4th game she'd ran. Not bad. We all had fun. 

We're going back to vampire for a little bit next, then we have an option. Some super hero game I've not played which could be quite fun or Warhammer 4th edition which i'd love to play properly.

Fingers crossed.

Juke Box delivery update

I've been told that the Jukebox has arrived in Southampton at the beginning of August and should expect contact from RockOla to arrange delivery any time soon, but two weeks later still nothing.  It would be nice to get it all sorted before my birthday at the end of the month.  My idea is to have a bring a CD event where my friends bring a music CD that they think i'd like but also don't have so that I can add it to our music library.

Monday 15 August 2022

Exercise in the morning

 We walked past this machine on the way to Flo's play group this morning. Flo wanted a go.

Home haircuts

 Flo's normal hairdresser that's on our street can't fit her in till September which is ridiculous, so we're going to find a new one that can fit her in a little quicker.  It only takes her 5 mins and she gets £10 so not sure what the problem is.  Anyway.  Here's April's attempt...  I'm thinking Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dummer.  Dwayne Dibley from Red Dwarf or Bob Mortimer when he's pretending to be someone from Slade.

Flo's Halloween drawings

 A little off season but pretty good all the same

(From left, black cat, witch, ghost, pumpkin)

Bewl water swim

On Sunday we were all up bright and early for a swim in the picturesque Bewl water.  I did it last year and when the weather is like it would be rude not to.

The course


The swimmers

Squeezing into the swimming caps

Jon's hair looks the same with and without the swim cap


Friend's birthday plans changed

We were all supposed to go to Tonbridge Calling (local music festival) for our friend Kat's birthday on Saturday but it was just too hot to take the kids.  It was decided to hold it at the Olly's instead.

Manning the bar

Destroying their house


Thursday 11 August 2022

Monday 8 August 2022

Recovery position

Last night after Saturday's antics.

Tonbridge Pride

 It was Tonbridge Pride at the weekend and April took the kids along with the rest of the Tonbridge Massive.  It's not really my thing but was away in Eastbourne anyway.  Looks like everyone had a great time.

Too much booze

 4 of us headed down to visit a friend in Eastbourne on Saturday.  I had far too much booze and was very ill on Sunday.  I even had to get the train home as didn't want to risk being sick in my friend's car.  Oh dear, i'm nearly 43 for fucks sake



Photo booth, which we promptly fell out of

Beer pong

Swing seats