Thursday, 8 April 2021

Not what I had planned

 April was ill and to be better safe than sorry got covid19 tested.  That meant that the whole house had to safe isolate, so I had to take a parental day off (not great timing as things are beginning to pick up) to look after the kids.

Flo lasted 30 mins of constant questions before asking for something else on.
Who's that guy, what's he riding, who's that guy (the same guy), where are they?  

Flo was great and really helped out, otherwise it could have been a very long day.  Fortunately two of our friends were off too so were able to take Arwen out for a couple of walks.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Friend visit

Cold meet with Shaheen and family

Arwen got too excited so had to stay downstairs for part of it.

She mostly listened from the cat flap.


Looks like we might need to buy one of these

 Flo had a great time round my brothers on Sunday, we had a lovely easter egg hunt in the morning and some outdoor lunch.  Flo had great fun playing with everyone, especially on their new trampoline.

The dogs had fun too although at times the excitement got the better of them both and poor Bobler had to have a timeout indoors.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

At it again

 Those cheeky guys at SI are at it again.  Very nearly had me, or at least for 3 seconds.  I clicked on the accept button anyway.