Monday 26 May 2014

Doh. Not good

My network attached storage device has stopped working.

Bloody thing.

Saturday 24 May 2014

Japanese Knottweed

Damn you!

The property next to the one we are set to buy currently has Japanese Knottweed. Our mortgage provider won't give us a mortgage until we can provide proof that it is being treated and that there is a 5 year guarantee attached.

We were due to exchange on Wednesday next week but that is now looking increasingly unlikely.

Fingers crossed we can get this evidence soon as that's pretty much the only thing left to do.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Just checking

Just checking you've eaten all the meat.

Burning shit

We had a really nice time at a friend's house last night and at the end of the evening they 'turned on' the chimney thing.


I thought I'd burn some shit in our garden.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Take a look at my lucky charms

Full double rainbow outside Tonbridge station last night.

Lloyd's is busy today

A fancy sports car is there for some reason, and people are abseiling down the building. Maybe people should do some work...

Sunday 11 May 2014

Biscuit enjoying some April time

Can't be that comfortable.

It's funny how many people you know

I went to 5 pubs over the weekend and in 4 of them I meet people I know. Rugby has a lot to answer for.

Sankey's:  1
P&J: 1
The Wharf: 1 (working there)
Slug and Lettuce: 4+ the guy that was in the P&J
The Man of Kent: 0

If all goes to plan

We'll be in our new house in a month today.

Poppet enjoying some Stu time

Not so good

We popped into what would be our closest pub when we finally move. One of my rugby friends works there and have me a discount but April's not so convinced.

It's what Pinchy would have wanted

Friday night trip to Sankey's for lobster, crab and oysters.


Friday 9 May 2014

Close call

I keep accidentally deleting this post... But here it is for the 3rd time

Close call in boules compression, the measuring tape came out during one close game. April won the tournament. She was the best out of 12.


When I left Gallagher my team got me a set of cufflinks like the set on the right, but I lost one of them. After a year or so of looking on eBay I found the same set on eBay for £39. They're worth £150 new. Result.

Monday 5 May 2014

How many people can you get in the back of a golf?

4. I lucked out by winning the 'who's got the biggest arse' competition so got to sit in the front seat.

Hanging around

Biscuit in one of her favorite positions.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Photos from Friday's gig

Great gig on Friday night.


Our local was rammed last night, so we decided to head into town to the local weatherspoon.

One of us spotted three two signs conveniently next to each other.

Catteries not included

We took a friend who knows about houses round the new house yesterday and the owner's cat was there too. He's been in the same spot every time we've seen the place. A very nice meowy cat.

They've got a lovely dog too, neither of which are part of the sale, which is a shame.

On the way to a furniture shop today, we drove past the national cat centre, so we popped in only to find that it shuts at 4. Definitely something to do this summer, although there would be a high probability of us coming back with a couple of stowaways.

Friday 2 May 2014

Champagne at work

A chap at work qualified as an actuary today so somebody found a bottle of champagne in a draw and opened it at 10am. I guess the bank holiday starts early at Lloyd's.

Thursday 1 May 2014

House update

All going well with the house sale/purchase. Probably too well.

Other than the various searches the solicitors have to do and a structural survey which is booked in next Saturday I think we're good.

If all goes to plan well be in by the 11th June. Just in time for me to go on a stag do leaving April to tidy up the house! Perfect.

Another set of buildings gets taken down

All to make room for more to go up.

Annoyed with potholes in your local area?

Why not fill with mud and plant some bulbs?

Why so long?

We have 3 sets of main lifts at work, each with 4 individual lifts. One set is now out of action for repairs until December. What on earth are they going to do to them?

Being on the 9th floor of a 12 story building getting out at lunch and going home can take ages, this only makes things worse.

Twice in early

Twice the guy we were supposed to be in a meeting with didn't bother to turn up.