Tuesday 25 October 2022

Interesting walk

 Another headless animal. Surprisingly large partridge.

What a beautiful day

Monday 24 October 2022

Last day tomorrow

 It's my last day of my contract tomorrow. Nothing lined up for my next role yet but there are a couple of things in the fire that might pan out.

I'm actually looking forward to the time off! 

Clip and climb

 Flo has 2 weeks off at half term which is a pain, but a couple of our friends who were off helped out by taking her to a local clip and climb. She loved it. 

Breakfast with friends

Some friends did the Tonbridge park run on Saturday so we met them afterwards for some breakfast. 

Flo and Arthur's first sparklers


Josie having a bath

 Here's josie legs akimbo. 


Here are my two animals sharing my left over Thai red curry.

Friday 21 October 2022

FM22 retired

With the new release of FM23 i've updated my playtime chart.  969 hours for the last version.  Not quite the peak of 2016 but not a bad effort.



 I had yesterday off so took Flo to Bluewater.  I hate going to places like that but it was raining all morning so stuck from something to do.  Here we are at Wagammas.

It's arrived

The beta test version of football manager 23 has landed!

Friday 14 October 2022

Fairly quiet at work

 My latest contract is coming to an end soon (after today only 4 days left) and it's very quiet at work.  I've got one more thing to do and I think that's pretty much done so took Arwen out for a longer walk this morning.


Two suns?

Stole an apple or two


Wednesday 12 October 2022


 There's a guy at my local that has been 3d printing these

Fat lazy cat


Big stretch!

Look at my belly

Flo party (1)

 We had some local friends round on Saturday to celebrate Flo's 5th birthday.  She chose a birthday cheese cake

Flo's 5th birthday party (2)


Flo's haul from her school friends
Rather than one big cake April ordered individual cupcakes

Arthur had fun at the soft play, Daddy had to go round with him for the whole hour!

Happy 5th birthday!

Shoving Arthur up a slide

Lovely walks

Although cold, it's been lovely walking the dog this week.  As long as you keep up a brisk pace it's not that bad and soon warms up.

Haysden lake

Arwen found a ball


I imagine it was pretty cold up there

A heron in the mist


Thursday 6 October 2022


Most mornings one, two or even all three of next doors cats pop up on our extension roof to say hello.  This one's a bit of a dick though.


Dog tired

 Arwen was pooped last night.  She kept my feet warm though which was nice.


I quite like mushrooms now but somehow I think that it's just not worth the risk!

Make the most of the sun


The sun certainly had his hat on this morning.  Not bad for early October.