Friday, 24 June 2022


 I spotted a ladybird on today's walk.  Here it is.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

April's back

 Nobody died.

Job done...

Although tonight was a pain, April had a council meeting so left at 7, I had to get Arthur down to sleep between 7-8, he wasn't happy, which is rare, he generally goes straight down most nights.

All kids got to school and back, got fed and they're still alive.  April owes... 

Wet walking

 I got soaked taking the kids to school this morning and it was still raining when I took the dog out.  BBC said it would rain later in the day!  Doh!

The park was pretty empty which was nice

Wet dog

Arwen found a ball

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

April's on holiday

 April's on a three day away day with her new company so i'm left stuck at home with the kids.  They're away for most of the day at nursery and pre-school but logistics get a little funny with having to pick both kids up at either end of town.

It's games night tonight so we have one of Flo's ex-carers baby sitting, and she's also picking up Arthur from the nursery so should be okay.  Tomorrow will be interesting with both drop offs and both pick ups.

Watch this space...

Bladerunner RPG

 I backed the Bladerunner RPG on kickstarter a few months back and they have released an early access version on pdf.  It comes with a pre-made case file (adventure) too.

Now to convince my group to run it.  I've passed it on to the barmen at my pub too.


 Strike at the train station this morning.  And quite a few honks of support from the passing cars.  I support it too as it means I don't have to go into the office on Thursday!  Thanks guys.

Lovely day

Lovely walk with Arwen this morning

Monday, 20 June 2022

Dog bubbles

Flo enjoyed blowing bubbles for the dog before the party started on Saturday.


Flo can read

 Flo was telling me on a walk home from school last week that she was the only one in her class that can read.  I said "yes dear that sounds good" thinking that her version of reading was just being able to sound out a few letters which we'd seen before.  Turns out she can.  Bloody hell.  Well done Flo!

Slow Cylon

We've got a couple of these for the kids bedrooms, not sure they make an awful lot of difference in the extreme heat but they do look funny.


Leaving drinks

 Our friend Becky is moving out of Tonbridge and asked if she could use her house as a party venue.  We of course said yes.  Over the course of the afternoon there must have been 30 people if you include all the kids that popped over.

Most of the Tonbridge Massive plus a few others

Flo and Chase making a den in the front room

April's genius idea of using our old sink as a booze cooler

We were going to try and sell it but it worked brilliantly 

The kids found my spud gun in the pub and tried all of the fruit and vegetables that we had.

Apple: Nope
Pepper: Nope
Babybel: Not bad
In the end I popped to the little store just up on the high street.  That worked, and kept the kids entertained.

Arthur being annoying and constantly needing to be picked up

Becky regaling another story

Spots of rain, was actually quite nice and cooling

Nice pic with Scannell and the misses

More friends

Stupid cat

Josie stupidly got herself stuck outside the house on the top floor (you might need to zoom in).  Becky was staying over and had the window open as the room gets quite hot during the summer as it gets all day sun.  Josie decided to pop out after her top floor fall a couple of weeks ago.  Idiot.  She can't be 100% yet as she was unable to jump back in.  I managed to entice her close with a bowl of milk then grabbed her and pulled her back in.  The stupid cat realised that there was left over milk still outside tried to jump back out.  Luckily I managed to stop her and closed the window.  FFS!  She must have a death wish.


What's going on there?

 I thought humans were the only animals to sleep on their back...  I spotted Arwen from the floor above outside my office.  Stupid dog!

Early from school

 April had Arthur's 2 year review at his nursery on Friday night so I took Flo to one of the local ice-cream shops as a special treat.  Here's she is very pleased with herself carrying her self made rainmaker stick.

Happy father's day!

Thanks Florence!

I was chatting to April a couple of days ago about havig never thought i'd have to wipe someone else's arse.  And now Flo (April) gets me this card for Father's Day.  Thanks!

Friday, 17 June 2022

Lovely walk this morning

 Another 15k steps before work this morning.  I ended up having to do 28.5k yesterday as April was late getting back from London so I had to pick them both up.  I'm not taking the dog out at lunch as it's too hot so should reach that high today thankfully.  It's too bloody hot.

Thursday, 16 June 2022

This morning's walk

It was hot this morning, Arwen had fun though as she found a cone.  It didn't last long before she destroyed it.

Arwen found a cone

I took her out a little while ago but it was too hot for her really so cut it short.  Poor girl.  


Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Another dead animal

 Spotted this poor guy on this morning's walk.  Luckily Arwen had found a ball so was preoccupied. 

Monday, 13 June 2022

Both Clarks at Rugby tots

 Arthur's now old enough to go to rugby tots

Flo helped the coaches with the 2 year olds after her session


Arwen had a play date on Sunday morning

 Here's Lilly.  Josie wasn't impressed

Tonbridge Dog show

 Arwen was entered into Tonbridge dog show at the castle on Sunday, she didn't win but did get a rosette for taking part.  

There must have been over a hundred dogs

Movie night round our friend's place

 Pre dinner cocktails

Massaman curry

April stole the dog's seat

Pizza time

 We made some pizzas at the weekend.  And by make, the base and tomato sauce were bought ready made.  Delicious

April's blue cheese, meat, honey, 

Mine:  Spicy bell peppers, yellow tomato, red onion, and meat

Kids, olives, tomato and some meat

This morning's walk

 What a lovely day.  Nearly 15k steps before work.  Not bad.

Friday, 10 June 2022

Current office environment

Despite now having to be in 1 day a week here is my usual set up at work.  Pretty good I think


Another chopper

 This time on it's own

Hours of fun with Arwen this morning


We spotted a dead slow worm

Really tall plants

In town yesterday

 My new company wants me (all of us) in every Thursday so I begrudgingly went in.  We were given a free lunch and drinks after work so shouldn't complain too much. 

We went to a fancy wine bar called Vagabond.  There's a self service machine here that pours your wine of choice.  Unfortunately the cheapest in this rack was £69 a bottle.  You could just order 25ml samples but they were still £5 plus.  The most expensive was over £200, eek!  I guess if the company is paying for it then what the hell.  But i'd rather get paid more in the first place and get to decide myself what to do with it.  In my case probably wine, but cheaper and more of it.


Most wanted: Tobridge

 I made this after April showed me the passport photo she'd taken.

11 years ago

 This popped up as an 11 year old memory on April's phone.  I was looking for the photo a month or two but couldn't find it.

It's taken outside Australia House, Australia's embassy in London.  We were at a Western Australia wine tasting event (we used to go every year) and as we were leaving we spotted a bowl where people who were at another event had left their ID tags.  Look who we spotted.  Ha, ha, I'm having that I thought.  Little did I know what would happen to Rolf a few years later.  Oops.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Poor Rich

I booked some hotel rooms for the Tonbridge lads (some of) who are popping down to Eastbourne for the day / night to visit our friend Mark.  The hotel I was recommended had 3 superior rooms and one standard.  Unfortunately someone had to miss out.  Poor Rich.  I promise I didn't roll more than once, but if I rolled a 1 I would have re-rolled...


Take me to the chopper

 A couple of helicopters flying over Tonbridge this afternoon during Arwen's walk.


 Our GM had a mishap this week and forgot to bring in our characters.  No worries, I told him I had 99 in each stat..  Here's some doodles.