Tuesday 16 April 2024

Here she is!

 I think she looks good!

What will Arwen look like

 I took Arwen in to get her haircut earlier and have asked for her to have a short cut.  This will apparently get rid of her puppy hair but she's nearly 4 so not really a puppy anyway.  It should mean we won't have to cut her hair as often.  Hopefully she doesn't look too bad. 

Good fun yesterday

 Started off in Chandos, £7.70 a pint!

Finished off with chow mein, sweet and sour chicken and some chicken and sweetcorn soup to start.  Delicious! 

First big walk with the dog in ages

14,000 steps already this morning.  I walked the kids to school and took the dog straight out when I got home. With the kids off for over 3 weeks it's been hard to take the dog out for a long walk.  

Monday 15 April 2024

London calling

 I've got today off from work as I have a few left to use before I leave work and am heading into London to see my mate James.  We used to meet up everyday for lunch pre pandemic and sometimes after work for a couple of cheeky beers before heading home.  With us both mostly working remotely from home plus having children and wife commitments it sometime hard to arrange a date.  Should be fun.  We're going to have a mini pub crawl around Charing Cross / Soho.  That means it's China Town for dinner before heading home!

An extra month

 Not much news on the job hunting front although I got confirmation on Friday night that they'd like to keep me on for another month which is nice to know.  I'd need to sign up for the whole month but don't have to sign yet in case something big comes up before the end of the month.


Suported by Indoor Pets.  The first band was the best

Not sure how he managed to play the bass!



 Only 2 sessions left of the season for the minis and it was a good one.  The usual dickheads where well behaved and Arthur is continuing to have lots of fun.

I was stiff after the game on Saturday but more or less fine but I was in agony after the training session with the kids!  I was racing a few of them on the obstacle coarse and went a bit to hard through the slalom and I could hardly get off the sofa yesterday with a bad back.  It seems a lot better today but still sore.


We beat Gravesend 48-24 at the weekend.  The last vets game of the season.  It was a little unfair on the Gravesend lot as we they only had 3 subs.  We had 8 or 9, who most where from the 2nd team and young and fit.  It was good fun though, plus no injuries to boot!

Friday 12 April 2024

Finally got it sorted

 Since we got our new car in December it's been giving us warnings due to the tire pressure not being high enough.  I finally got it sorted yesterday.  We've now got happy blue tires on the screen.

Thursday 11 April 2024

Back to work

 I'm back at work today (remote) after 13 days off.  Most of my team are away today anyway so i've got nothing to do.  I'm off tomorrow with the kids and i'm also off next Monday (beers in town with James) and Wed / Thurs (off to Bristol to visit my mate John).

That leaves me with 9 days work left in my ftc.  Things are a little quiet on the job hunting front although there is an excellent one that is available (2 roles) that i've done before (different management though).  We shall see.  That would be outside IR35 so i'd finally be able to put it through my company!.  

Wednesday 10 April 2024

 The kids were away last Thursday at a holiday club so we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy meal at a village pub we've been meaning to try for ages.  Although expensive, it was very good.

Flo made herself a mask

 She's very pleased with herself

Always willing to help out

Dad was in hospital for a few nights last week after he fell over and broke a few ribs and collapsed one of his lungs!  He's pretty much better now but thought it would be wise for me to help out.

Whilst visiting my Dad before heading back home on Saturday he asked us to help him fetch a big branch that had washed up along the banks of the brook at the bottom of his garden.  Luckily Steve was there with a camera just in case I fell in.

Pitch inspection

 After going home for my gran's funeral last Friday I was too late to heading into London with the kids to see some of April's old band.  I went to the rugby club to inspect the training pitches for Sunday's u6 rugby session.  

The 2s were at home so stayed and watched them too.

Learning to swim

This week the kids have been going to Carroty wood to learn to swim.

They won't be able to swim by the end of it but hopefully this will kick start their learning again.

The kids are helping

 The guys helping me make bolognaise.

Snack time

 In the form of a giant chocolate chip cookie

Last night's session

 We ended up saving a magical whale who can hopefully take us to a magical island to kill a god.

Cock and ball story

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Killed a Chardalyn dragon last night

 That was fun.  Plus we made it up to level 7 which I think is the highest level i've ever gotten to from ground up.  There's 2 or 3 chapters left of the campaign too so hopefully we'll level up a bit more.  My character is the elf wizard on the perspex box over on the left of the first picture.  I also have a shield guardian which is standing in front of the dragon in the second picture.

Tea last night

 Melted Gruyere with dippy bread, followed by home made pickled onions!  They're not bad.  I'm going to bring a jar back for dad when I go back home for a funeral on Friday. 

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Holiday with friends in Camber Sands


Sun lounging 


Young love in the pizza barn


A bit chilly around the firepit

Beautiful weather

Someone found her mum's makeup bag

The traditional Easter banker.  Exchanging hidden plastic eggs with mini eggs.

Building a damn

Adults enjoying my cooking

Rack of lamb with roast potatoes, fig, herb and goats cheese salad and shalotty beans 

A quick dip

Dodgems at Dymchurch Fair

Caterpillar ride

Fish and potatoes in Dungeness 

The view from the balcony

We brought lots of games for the kids to play

Beach time

Lovely weather

Beach rugby

Ice cream

Sharing fish and chips

More Ice cream

The tide was coming in to destroy our damn

The kids outside our holiday house

Cold in the morning walking the dog