Friday 30 June 2023

Bank robbery

 Tonbridge has lost 3 big banks in the last year or so.  Here's one of the latest getting stripped out.  Doesn't seem very professional. 

Another BBQ


A little damp outside but fired up the BBQ again.  I love my Frank's hot sauce.

New front room sofa

Spotted this sofa in the window of the charity furniture shop this morning and ended up buying it this afternoon.  I've been looking for a similar style leather sofa with a similar design for a year or so now but couldn't find one.  That would have cost a grand or two plus if it wasn't exactly what I wanted would seem a big waste.  This was £100 so perfect before I find the right one.  

Nice wide arms so I can use the mouse whilst playing football manager and watching TV.

They lent me a trolly to walk the 200m to the house

In situ 

Today's walk

 Swan on the second team pitch.  I dog was near it before this shot and it reared up.  The dog then thought better of it and ran away.  Busy part of the park for dog walkers though.  Let's hope it goes back in the water soon.

Pretty blue flowers

Overgrown fallow field

Thursday 29 June 2023

What a shame

 I enjoyed destroying this!  My brother passed on a product recall for a present they gave Arthur a couple of years ago.  It's a baby shark and fucking sings the baby shark song when submerged in water.  I you can probably imagine I struggled to destroy the product (had to send in proof).  What a shame...

Finally, i've been recognised!

 I've been finally been recognised as a FM legend.  My latest save on football manager has finally given me the recognition I deserve.

Lilly pads

 I had an extra long walk with Arwen this morning (2h, 15,000 steps) and spotted this.  Didn't see any frogs though.

Tuesday 27 June 2023

It's flowering

 My desk plant succulent is flowering. Hopefully the bees find it, then also find another same plant so they can have babies.

Just hitchin' a ride

 Spotted some more swans this morning on the walk with Arwen.  Poor swan.  i know the feeling, Flo often insists on getting the bear to carry her upstairs to bed.  I wonder how long i'll be able to do that.  Biggest worry is when Arthur starts to request it!

Monday 26 June 2023

3 in a row

Got the BBQ out again, this time for chicken wings in Frank's buffalo wing sauce. Nice.

Super hero day a the kids school

 They're doing a sponsored walk later too.  Only 2 weeks left of term!

Second bbq of the weekend

 I cooked the kids some sausages on Saturday, then more sausages and chicken kebabs yesterday.  I'd really like a new smart one but they're so expensive.

Tonbridge Picnic

Around 12 of the Tonbridge lot plus 3 dogs had a picnic on Saturday afternoon.  It was a scorcher of a day but we were in the shade and there was a lovely breeze blowing through too.  Nice.


Friday 23 June 2023

School concert

 Florence and Arthur had their summer concert this morning.  Flo even had a piano recital.  Well done Flo.  You're only 5!

Ducks and ducklings this morning


I've been putting in the hours


My prediction for time spent on FM before the new one comes out is now nearly at a record (2016), I think this is a low prediction as I usually have a big uptick in September when I can get a new database that includes all of the summer transfers

Looking for love

 My succulent has sprouted and is looking to reproduce

Thursday 22 June 2023

Spotted a swan and its cygnets yesterday

 Walking the hound yesterday and spotted these guys

Fitting the new graphics card and power supply

 Steve was over yesterday to help with the new bit for the computer.  After around an hour and 20 mins we managed to install the new graphics card and power supply.  All working do far this morning!  It was a bit of a fiddle but all sorted.

It was very dusty!

Tuesday 20 June 2023

There's a hosepipe ban in Kent

 Big storm in Tonbridge this morning. Even saw some forked lightning.

Sunday 18 June 2023

Play date

 We had a bbq round one of Florence's school friends on Saturday.  It was good fun.




Flo's haircut


Hair wash

Getting ready

What a grown up


Friday 16 June 2023

I'm free

 We've just taken our wedding rings and engagement ring to a local jeweller to have them valued so that they can be added onto our home insurance.  They need to take them in and will likely take a couple of days.  It feels strange not having it as it's more or less permanently on, and has been for nearly 12 years.

Here it is

 Steve's booked in next Wednesday to help me install them.  Let's hope they fit...!

Thursday 15 June 2023

Graphics card arrived

Dog for scale


 My friend Glenn fell off his bike yesterday morning and dislocated a finger.  Ouch.  He kindly sent us a photo.


My left hand

My right hand

New graphics card

 I bought my work PC back in November 2019 and the only thing letting down was it's graphics card, why didn't get something more powerful at the time i'm not sure.  Anyway, i've finally bought a new one and it should arrive at lunchtime today.

I've had to buy a new power supply to go with it too as it's fairly powerful.  Not top of the range but certainly at the top end when you look at the benchmarks.  I'm not that way inclined when it comes to fitting things like this so i've enlisted my brothers help to install them.  Hopefully we can sort something out early next week.