Sunday 31 July 2022

I'm getting quite good at this


The dog gets her share 

Roast beef

Spending the winnings

The football season is about to start so we all went out to spend the £120 winnings from last season's fantasy football league we're in.


We've finally harvested our carrots!

Horse riding lesson

Flo had her last rugby tots session on Saturday so we're trying to find something else for her to do. She enjoyed horse riding on holiday so thought we'd give it a try.

This is Paddy.

Friday 29 July 2022

Breakfast of Champions

Chocolate hazelnut spread


Trip to the park with Arthur


Feeding the ducks

Feeding the squirrels

On the swing

On the slide

Tuesday 26 July 2022

3 days a week?

 A couple of weeks ago my company asked all staff to work in the office 3 days a week.  I told my bosses that I couldn't do it due to child care arrangements and they've agreed that that will be fine.  Phew!

I think working in the office in a collaborative project is beneficial but so too is having the flexibility to work from home.  

The thing that annoyed me most about the announcement is that we were told on a Friday and were expected to head in 3 days a week the next week with no notice.  Childcare, especially school holiday care is planned months in advance and to spring this on your employees at such short notice is pretty harsh.

Trade descriptions act

 I'm pretty sure the Pumpkin CafĂ© at Tonbridge Station could be done under the trade descriptions act.  It's neither giant nor a croissant... 

Look how smart she looks

 Here's Arwen after getting picked up from the groomers.  She enjoyed her birthday sausages!

Monday 25 July 2022

Whiskey stones

 Shaheen had some whiskey stones whilst we were away so thought i'd buy my own.  Here are the ones I found on etsy.  RPG themed.  I even used them yesterday when Flo's finger got trapped in the piano lid.  Doh!  She'll have fingers like mine in no time.

Canoe time

 Our friends have an inflatable canoe and volunteered to take Flo out again.  Jono took Flo round the sports ground before we made lunch for them all

Happy birthday Arwen!

Arwen is 2 today!  What a good dog.  Here she is on her walk this morning.  She's getting her haircut today, i'm going to pick her up in a bit.  Clippers have been mentioned so hopefully we have some dog left after the trim.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Last day, last meal

 On the last day of our holiday we popped to a restaurant where Kate used to go when she was doing a hospital rotation back in Canterbury.  The food was great and the kids had a lovely time.

Last day and back to Dymchurch

 And this time with some beach

The fairground openned

The dog wasn't allowed at the fairground so I walked the dog.  She doesn't like the sea or any water for that matter so I picked her up and dumped her in.  She wasn't so bothered afterwards.

I finished the walk a bit early as it was too hot so treated myself to a nice pint.

Michelin star

 There's a Michelin starred restaurant not too far from where we were staying so thought i'd check out it's availability for whilst we were there.  Luckily they did.  In fact they had a second slot the next day.  Both the girls went on the Wednesday with the boys going the next day.  It was great, especially with the pared wines.  £450 per night though!  Ouch!


 With the beach being out of action we went to the amusement arcade.  The kids loved it, although it did cost me approximately £7 to win a 10p lolly pop!

Train ride to Dymchurch

We took an expensive miniature train ride to Dymchurch, Arthur loved the train.  We got all ready to go on the beach before being told the tide was coming in and there would be nothing left in 10 mins. Doh!  I still had a swim though.  Nice.