Thursday 31 December 2015

MOT fail?

When our cleaner parks on our drive she had to use a wooden chuck to stop it rolling down onto the main road. Maybe they should get that fixed.

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Biscuit helping with my work

Working from home this week as the trains are fucked so Biscuit is helping me run some models.

Another photo for the collection

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Happy birthday Kris

Your present is on it's way. Although with postage on top I should have waited till I see you again to pass it on.

Kickstarter no.1 arrived

Guitar Hero

April giving the crowd some rock.

Operation: Get April

My nephew Sam getting everything ready.

Little darling

Poppet showing us some love

Ran out of glasses

A bought a 20l beer barrel from my rugby club and brought it round my brother's for Christmas.  At one point we ran out of glasses so we had to make do.

Christmas haul

This year's Christmas haul. Not bad.

They've arrived

I'm creating a Bob's corner in my pub in the spring.  Once I've got them framed they'll go in.  I have a Bob Holness on the way too. Any suggestions? 

Nearly the best Christmas present ever

April got me these and they arrived a couple of days before Christmas.  We had to borrow an American plug adapter from a friend but they worked.

A couple of hours later we checked on them and they weren't working.  One of the bulbs had burned out.

Very disappointed.

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Wood delivered and stacked

Now for the temperature to finally drop so I can justify putting the fire on. Each stack is almost as tall as me.

Before anybody says it.  That's not very tall,  ha, ha, ha.

Sunday 20 December 2015

Great music

Went to see a friend support the main act at a music cafe in  Sevenoaks last night. Check out the double axe!

Not all for me

My rugby club gets a decent discount at a local brewery so decided to buy some for the Christmas holidays. 3 of the smaller ones are for a friend.

New Metallica bauble arrived

4 decent ones.

Christmas party

Christmas work's party last Thursday. Here's a couple of photos.

And why not

Got back from Tonbridge boys curry night and April's WI party had left a load of winter pimms.  It would be rude not to have some before going to bed.

Spot of mid week breakfast

I missed my train after seeing my doctor about my hand during the week (it'll be fine).  The next train was half an hour away so decided to treat myself to a spot of breakfast.

Ebay purchase

I'm holding a Super Bowl party in the new year so thought I should get a few props for the event.

Now to find an interpreter

The charity building next door has applied for permission to turn it into a small block of flats. We've opposed it for a variety of reasons.  We applied for details of an old covenant attached to the property and this is what arrived.


Sunday 13 December 2015

Damn death star ice cube doesn't fit

I bought a star wars ice cube in Brighton the other day.  It's rubbish.  None of the pieces come out have any real definition. Boo!

Played this a couple of weeks ago in Brighton

One of my favourite games as a kid

Not broken... I think

Another stamp on my hands on rugby.  Great.

I don't think it's broken but it bloody hurts.

Cat attack

Christmas tree's up and now decorated

Tuesday 8 December 2015

Bath time

Went to Brighton at the weekend and one of the bars we went to had a bath as a seat. 

Sunday 6 December 2015

The still haven't fixed this window

Took a look out of our glasses lifts on Friday and they still haven't fixed that window in the cheese grater.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

My old house

We popped into the Louisiana on Friday after our dinner.  It's a music venue right next to my old house on the marina. Here's a photo of me outside my old house.

I couldn't go to Bristol

Without popping into their cat pub. The Bag of Nails. 15 cats apparently. Loved it.  Proper tiny boozer with a faint smell of cat...

Our suite in Bristol

Lovely room, one of the best I've stayed in.  We're off to another Hotel Du Vincent in Brighton on Friday.