Monday, 20 February 2012

Actuarial space

As i've mentioned before I get one or two vultures, sorry recruitment consultants calling me up each week trying to get em to jump ship and move company.  99.9% of them are just fishing.  They're searched for some key words in linkedin and my name has come up, they've spotted where I work and have contacted reception asking to speak to me. 

Flattering at first, i'm now extremely tired of it so I ask the receptionist to put them through to my voicemail, most leave a message (i'm not sure why some don't even bother, with all fishing, 50% of the goal is to see if you have anything on the end of the line). 

The latest term that they all seem to be using is

"We've got a lot of opportunities in the actuarial space that you might be interested in."

Really?  What a dick!  It's up there with half of the crap consultants come up with.  Next one that calls i'll answer the phone and play bullshit bingo with him.

Halfway through the call i'll shout BINGO and hangup.

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