Sunday 5 February 2012

Saturday's antics

I decided not to play rugby third Saturday, I've still got q rubbish cold and felt it was for the best. Running round in the cold certainly wouldn't have helped.

Instead we went into London for the day. April had had a busy week and it'd felt Luke ages since we'd spent much time together, on our own at least.

With no plans, we wondered round central London from shop to shop. Highlight was seeing a homeless guy with a cat instead of a dog for company and additional sympathy. It worked on us, we gave him £2.

At around 5 it began to get pretty cold so we popped into a pub for a quick pint. The Ship. I think it was one of the rock pubs I wanted to go to on my stag but didn't get round to it.

After that we found a Vietnamese restaurant that was surprisingly cheap considering we were in Soho. What to do next? April remembered a music venue nearby called the 12 Bar club so we decided to pay a visit.

It was supposed to be a punk night but it turned out to be metal. Excellent. At around 10 though we thought it'd be a good idea to head back as it'd been snowing pretty heavily since 6.

Our can eventually got us to Charing Cross and we made our way onto a delayed train. That's when the fun stopped and we ended up getting stuck on it. Finally getting home at gone 3, some 4 and a half hours later. With no heating for most of the journey we'd taken to stuffing today's broad sheets up our coats to keep warm. Brrr...

Good night though.

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