Thursday 23 May 2024

Pizza time

 April bough some supermarket pizzas for the kids.  I spiced them up.

Arthur: Added mushroom and sweetcorn

Flo: Added Ham, tomato and honey.


Kiss the pig

We got Flo to do this a few years ago.  This time was Arthur.  Tonbridge School is one of the most expensive private schools in the country.  The fact that we're even considering it seems insane to me.  Let's hope he gets the grades to go to one of the great local grammars. 

Tick tock

 My character in our latest game found a silver egg, turns out it was a silver dragon egg.  I've bought one in from ebay so we're ready.

Dog walk

 Our friends needed us to walk their dog this afternoon so I took both dogs out.  This time Bella won 3-0 on the poo front.

Wednesday 22 May 2024


 We test drove one of Arthur's new games this afternoon. I kicked April's ass. Snail sprint.

Lunch time walk

 I took Arwen out for a long walk this afternoon.  Saw some lovely sights. 

Only one encounter

 We only had one encounter last night as the DM was keen to play with his new toy (Deck of Many Things) again.  The players that didn't draw any last week took their turn.  It was back at the pub as our table is still not available.  

Helping out the club

 My friends at the rugby club needed help running a rugby festival for the surround schools so I said I could help out.  I still had half a day's holiday to use up this month so thought why not.  90 kids (yr 6) from around 10 local schools played tag rugby all afternoon in the rain.  What's not to enjoy?

Birthday boy!

 Arthur turned 4 yesterday, I think he was very pleased with his haul.

Never in doubt

 I won the Tonbridge Massive Fantasy football trophy (again) this year.  That's the third time.  £120 too.  Although i've got to take the others out for beers at the start of the season.

Monday morning's dog walk

 Wow, Tonbridge is nice when the sun comes out.  A lovely start to the day, then I had to go into town for two interviews.  Urgh.

Sunday bbq

 Steak and Sausages.  Plus some random veg that was in the fridge.  Yum.

First game for the Badgers

I played in a charity game for the Badgers on Saturday.  No real injuries other than my boots falling apart in the second half.  Quite surprising really as my opposite man was an Aussie who played for Tunbridge Wells first team.  We lost but only by 10 pints or so. What a view though.  Chiddingston.

Never again

 Flo was in a musical on Saturday.  She's been going to Stagecoach each Saturday for quite a while now and Saturday was their big performance.  The show lasted over an hour and a half and Flo was in it for 4 minutes at most!  The worst part was Ffo seemed to be fuming all throughout it.  It turns out one of the other girl sung through her part in the younger kids song in rehearsal.  She did the same in the main show!

Splinter removal

 Florence was not impressed

Indian tasting menu

 A bunch of us went to the new Indian restaurant in Tunbridge Wells on Friday night.  It was Wayne's birthday.  £888 between us.  It was very good.  I was stuffed in the end.


Thursday 16 May 2024

35,000 steps yesterday

 Took the kids to school on their scooters, then went to the gym.  Took the dog out for a long lunch time walk and went to Waitrose (twice).  Then in the evening played touch rugby with the team i'm playing with on Saturday.  Nice bunch of lads. The Badgers.

33,000 steps is a little over 24km!

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Sock news

Just completed a sock amnesty. 28 pairs down to 14 regular socks, 18 down to 10 trainer socks. 

Last night's game

 We defeated the second form of the god Auril and left her on her island with no escape.  We also all drew 3 times from a deck of many things.  I got lucky and pulled a couple of useful utilities out of the deck before getting the Sun.  This means you instantly level up.  We all levelled up straight after the session any way, but I levelled up twice!  I'm now level 9 and have access to level 5 spells!

Next week we're back to the pub as our dining room table still hasn't been fixed!

Celeb spot

 Shaheen was out with a friend after work last night and took a cheeky photo of a celeb.  Ally McCoist.  Good spot.

On my way to the games cafe last night for our latest D&D session I spotted Andy from Kent Survival, my favourite youtuber.  I know he'd moved to Tonbridge but have not spotted him yet.  I said hello and shook his hand.  His a good guy.  I also spotted him at 9:30 when we left too, so I assume he'd been for a bite to eat or the pub!

That was hard work

 It's Arthur's birthday next week and we having a rugby party for him the Saturday after.  One of my rugby mates has a company that coaches kids so has said he will run a session for me.  

April ordered 18 min rugby balls as gifts in their party bags.  I hope they enjoy them as it was bloody hard work pumping them all up!

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Not sure if I can pull these off

 I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and usually end each session with a quick 20 lap swim in the pool.  I'm bought these to walk in and out of the changing rooms etc.  I'm not sure if I can pull off wearing them.  2 reasons

  1. I'm too old
  2. My feet are more like hooves so I actually struggle putting them on

I'm willing to give it a go though.


 I've now gone and got myself an interview.  I haven't received the contract extension from HR yet so haven't signed anything that would tie me down, but looks like they'd need me at the end of June anyway.  This is on Thursday so fingers crossed!

Monday 13 May 2024

Another extension

 I use around 3 or 4 recruiters to get me new contracts and it's been surprisingly quiet over the last couple of months in what would normally be a pretty busy period.  I've been looking for a 6 weeks now and i'd usually get a least an interview somewhere, but nothing.  There was one role I went for which was validating a syndicate's capital model.  It was working for the same managing agency as i'd worked previously and did two of they're syndicates.  This was just for one.  I did well there and got two extensions and I was about to get another longer one but then the budget fell through.  I didn't even get an interview.  I have heard some things about the company recently and when I looked at linkedin about my ex colleagues, none of the senior ones I dealt with were still there.  Maybe I dodged a bullet.

Anyway, this morning i've been offered another month extension so have accepted.  Just need to get the paperwork through.  If I manage to stay till July i'll get a £3k bonus for doing the virtually nothing towards a huge project the company has been working on.

I like it here, but can earn more elsewhere if the right role comes along.  At least that's another decent wack in my pension. 

We did it!

 April was out for most of Saturday so I had the kids.  Flo wanted to do her 300 piece jigsaw again and Arthur asked to help us.

It took quite a while, especially the lettering.  That is 2 hours I will never get back!

Little helpers

 I asked the kids to help me pack the shopping as we had a bbq / play date round ours later in the day.  I turned my back for 1 minute and they'd started without me.

Some blue juice, made me feel like I was in star wars

BBQ 1 of the weekend

 On Saturday we popped round a friends for a bbq, he always makes a real effort and was a very decent barbeque.

We also took Arwen so she could play with their dog.  She was shattered by the time we got back.

Another week, another soup

 I made a chicken and vegetable soup on Saturday.  Pretty decent.  Loads left.

Friday morning walk

 I've got 2.5 days to take off this month so decided to make the most of the nice weather and took Friday off to see my mate James in Winchester.  Before that I took Arwen out for a 2 hour walk along the river Medway.  Lovely!