Monday, 28 November 2016

Black Friday

Jeez, it's tiring.  Recently the amount of actual spam i've received through my Hotmail account has dropped quite considerably, however it's been replaced by the desperate attempt by real companies trying to offload the shit that's been stagnating on their shelves with the pretense of it being part of a black Friday sale.

The same companies are still e-mailing me telling me about the black Monday sale.  FFS.  If I didn't buy anything on Friday, which I didn't, then unless you offer me another 30 / 40 % off then I probably won't buy on Monday.  In fact, as punishment I will unsubscribe to your mailing lists.

Here's a list of the worst culprits

Austin Reed (no longer a live entity as all of their stores are now closing down, thier recievers are just trying to offload their old shite)
All Saints

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