Wednesday, 21 February 2018


For those that read my blog and are not aware of the exciting news, we're all off to Chicago for 5 months over the Easter Bank holiday.


April's been asked to cover someone else's maternity leave over in head office so will cut hers short.  That means I will take my planned shared parental leave a couple of months early and then extend that out until Florence's 1 year old.

April's company will put the three of us in Chicago but the cats won't have to fend for themselves, a friend's work colleague is looking to move to Tonbridge in the near future and is available to pay our bills and look after cats.

Flights start at around £350 return so if you'd like to come over for a visit, book you time in our diaries now.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Pestering IT does work

I've been pestering IT as my work PC only had 4GB Ram.  It's not really a problem as I do 90% of my work on big servers that have 128GB.  I do have issues when i've got a number of local workbooks open, outlook and Chrome so thought i'd see what they can do.

I've now got 10GB!

My windows experience index has gone up from 5.7 to 6.7.  Whoopie!

Thanks IT.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Winning is expensive.

Guess who won the poker?  And I won the darts!

Poker night 3 was a success for.  I ended up winning!  It was agreed the punishment for winning was to buy all of the drinks in the pub afterwards.  My £80 winnings didn't last long and I think I made a net loss of about £60 for the whole night.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Anyone for some blue food?

I'm making some chicken and vegetable soup and bought some black potatoes (because they looked interesting).  When I cut them open they're actually purple, so too now are my fingers.  I'm hoping they don't turn my soup blue too!

2 cats went in, 1.5 came back


Consoling herself with some food

Not much cat left

Took the cats to the vets for their annual C.A.T (jabs), poor Biscuit left there with a mohawk.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Toughest on the pitch

Who would have thought that my position at rugby was made up of the toughest men on the pitch (gets the least injuries).  And before you point out that the winger in position 14 has less, this doesn't count as they make a point of avoiding contact at all costs.

Position Concussion Blood Neck Shoulder Knee Muscular Total
1 7 28 26 28 22 23 134
2 20 33 29 22 28 22 154
3 7 29 13 24 22 23 118
4 12 20 8 19 15 10 84
5 5 25 13 14 12 13 82
6 17 26 6 15 13 18 95
7 15 31 11 16 16 18 107
8 8 18 13 21 17 22 99
9 16 25 8 21 21 18 109
10 24 17 26 14 8 24 113
11 14 10 14 11 15 15 79
12 8 5 9 8 14 18 62
13 10 13 9 8 8 19 67
14 6 3 7 8 13 23 60
15 6 15 11 16 19 20 87

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fuck you dieters

We get free cereal at work and occasionally I have a packet of Alpen in the morning if i've not had much to eat the night before (like last night where I only ate 2 babybels, plus 4 Kronenburgs).

I usually use  original Alpen but this morning I took a look at the packet with no added sugar.

With sugar 374 kcal,
Without 375 kcal

Not only are you eating sawdust, but you're not even saving on calorie intake.  I don't think it's worth it.

Eating on your own isn't much fun

I had Monday and Tuesday off from work as was feeling pretty ill.  I was generally feeling better in the evening on Tuesday so popped out.  I was also going stir crazy!  I was the only one in for the first 30 mins.  The Thai was good though.  Might try it again tonight as I have nothing in the house.

Not the best valentines day

I even had a lovely conversation with some twat on twitter.  That was a mistake.

At least Liverpool won 0-5 against Porto

Adjustments to the fridge magnet wall

Bored yesterday so added a little change to our magnet wall