Friday, 20 July 2018

Walking for walking's sake

Here's the view from the furthest most point I've walked to during my stay in sunny Chicago.

Below is my samsung challenge with my rugby friend Karl.  If you know Karl, which some of you will, you'll know that it wasn't much of a challenge. However, if there are any other Samsung users out there I will accept the challenge.

I've not heard from Karl since I won. I hope he hasn't had a heart attack.

Baby training 101

Now to find out how to monetize.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cheap ways to play games

My surface pro doesn't have the graphics power to play many of the latest games.

Rather than buy a new separate laptop for games, I've resorted to watching other people play them on YouTube.

The production values aren't quite as high as regular tv. He had to get up twice during a recording Once to shut his dog up, and again to go for a pee.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

We've got ourselves a crawler

Florence has been crawling for a week and a half now, clever girl.

It's a lot of hard work as she's constantly on the move.  The apartment isn't the most baby friendly so I have to be on constant vigilance.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Gingers aren't supposed to tan

Being outdoors a lot whilst here i've picked up a bit of a tan.  The weather's been great, these past couple of months have been pretty good in terms of temperature, probably averaging around 30 degrees C during the day.  Walking Flo around in the pram means i've been exposed to quite a bit of sun, but only to my exposed bits (face and lower arms).

Yesterday I rolled my t-shirt arms up to get a bit more sun on my white bits and now have bright red upper arms.  Doh!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Beach trip


On Sunday we popped to the beach for a little dip.  It's only 5 mins away and if you go early not too busy or hot.

It's quite weird being so close to a beach whilst in the middle of the city.

Second City comedy

We popped over to the Old Town on Sunday evening to watch a show at Second City.  It was part sketch show, part improv.  It was fairly good although a bit hit and miss.  The hits were very good though.

Yesterday's trip to the aquarium

We got a bus there but opted for the boat back.  What a view!

The crab was almost as big as Flo!

Pool time

My mum and brother came over for a few days (left yesterday), here's Steve in the pool with Flo.  It was nice to have a couple of extra helping hands.

America! Fuck Yeah!

April's boss kindly invited us to spend the day 'celebrating' the 4th July at her lakeside residence (Summer house).  Ticked off a couple of extra states too.  Indiana and Michigan.

Florence in her special shorts and top.

A town called Gary

Tough choice

I've never tired beer milk

By the pool

Wow, not bad for a second house