Friday, 24 March 2017

Mark Thomas' latest show

We went to see Mark Thomas' latest show last night at the Trinity Theatre Tunbridge Wells. The Red Shed.  I have to say it was excellent.  I don't agree with all of his political view points but he's certainly very passionate about showing them, which I admire greatly.

He spoke mostly about his time supporting unions and strikes up and down the country, but mostly he talked about his the love of where his political yearning began.

The Red Shed in Wakefield.  A meeting hall and social club for like minded people.

At the end of his show (which went down surprisingly well in a town like Tunbridge Wells) ended with him inviting people to the said shed.  I think I would be too scared.

15 years ago I would have said that I was definitely a Tory, but bit by bit I have mellowed.  Having a very active Green party supporting wife certainly helps.  I've never really held any real strong political views but more and more often these days I find myself embarrassed or ashamed of what other people are capable of.

I personally have not been massively effected, after all I have a good job in the city where I earn far too much money, and maybe that gives me the space to think and behave in the way I do.  People from less affluent areas may feel that they have very little going for them and are gradually losing the little say they have in society so feel it necessary to vote for things like UKIP or for Brexit.

I generally just hope that people try not to be dicks.

Will we win the title?

I've got 3 games left for the 3rd team this season and we're sitting pretty at the top of Shepherd and Neame Premier 2 East.  If we win 2 out of the 3 we will be crowned champions.

We're quite capable of doing this but all 3 games are away from home (over an hour's drive), and one of them is against another challenger.  Anyway it's our league to lose so we'd better give it our all.

I've only ever won one other league, that was when I played for the Mayfair Occationals (Barnes 4th team), we started in the bottom league and were far too good for the opposition, we'd quite often win by 70+ points.  We've done done that a fair few time this season too which is nice.  Still only one personal try for myself to show for it though, but I do see myself as more of a creator these days.

Why run 80m flat out when you can pass it to a young lad to run for you?

2nd poker night of the year

Tonight is the second poker night i'm hosting this year.

Same stakes (£20) but this time we should have 8 players (small chance of 10) rather than 5 the time before, so a whopping £160 total winnings.

I came third back in January i.e. I was the the third player to lose all his chips, I was extremely conservative last time, but that may have been more to do with my beginning hands.  Perhaps I will be lucky this time and get into an early lead like Jonno who won.

April's making sausage rolls and honey and mustard mini sausages.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Magnetic attraction

Whilst walking to work this morning I spotted that I'd picked up a hitch hiker. My cat's laser pointer was stuck to the magnet connector on my man bag.

Anyone missing an umbrella cover?

Took the cover from my umbrella before heading out and it looks like I've been using two covers.

April: Is this yours?

I know it sounds stupid

But yesterday I had to google "why do my laces keep coming undone?"

I've noticed over the past few years that my shoe laces would untie themselves on a semi regular basis throughout the day.  I thought that it was just down to the actual laces, it couldn't possibly be me.

Eventually I snapped and googled it.  Apparently over time my knot tying skills and morphed into a tying 'granny knots', the knot was on a diagonal slant rather than straight across the shoe.  A simple fix was to swap which bow to tie round the other.  

1 day and counting and i've not needed to re-tie my shoes unnecessarily. 

The new shoes are still giving me grief though.

Not the best experience

The post office in Tonbridge has finally shut, WH Smiths has taken on the role in the community by devoting the back section of the book store to the role.

I popped in on Saturday morning as I need to send off my broken mobile phone to get repaired (yes again).  There was an old chap there to help people using the baffling self service machines, noticing that I couldn't find what I was looking for he asked if I needed assistance.  I told him that I needed a padded envelope so that I could send my phone to get repaired and he said that I would need to pop to WH Smith's other store 10 shops down to buy any stationary.  Urgh...

Ridiculous.  The WH Smiths at Cannon Street is shit too.

I think i'll use the independent post shop next time.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Forced to buy new shoes

The amount of grief I got at Sunday's christening was too much so I was shamed into buying a new pair this morning.  They were in a fair old state and I was planning getting some this week anyway. I will be a cripple by the end of the day.

Saturday's games day

My Tonbridge games day was postponed on Wednesday night but the dweebs came over on Saturday for our monthly meet. We ended up playing a couple of new ones. Highlight being Gloomhaven.

We're going to need another boat

I cooked a lovely rib of beef for the dweebs on Saturday. It turned out well, although I might cook it a little less next time.