Wednesday, 8 August 2018

It's time to go for a walk

When Florence grabs the TV remote and turns it off you know that it's time to take her out for a walk.

Mr C

Florence likes these little plastic links, they're fairly good at connecting her toys to things like the pram.  However she's lost most of the ones she got from Australia.  I found them on e-bay so bought her 48 more.  They should last us till we get back to the UK.

Not a minutes peace

Now that Florence is crawling all over the place and constantly wanting to stand I get absolutely no peace and quiet (hence not many blog posts recently).  I sit down on the sofa for 5 minutes and she wants to get up there too.  Urgh, it's bloody hard work.

Star of the show

We both took Florence to her last baby play time at the library on Monday.  Flo was the star of the show.  Waving and clapping at all the appropriate times.  I don't know where she gets the extrovert gene from.  It's certainly not from us.

How many can I stick on Florence?

I bought these rubber toys for Flo the other day.  They're very good at sticking to the floor, unfortunately not so good at sticking to Florence.

Family of twats

Not 1 but 4 of them on idiot chariots.  One was pushing a pram!

Leave Florence for 2 minutes

And look at what happens.  Look at her innocent face.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Sexy photo shoot

There was a 'sexy' photo shoot going on at the end of the park this morning.

There was another one about an hour later.  I didn't deliberately go back to check, I was just trying to get Flo to go back to sleep before heading back to the apartment.

All the boats are out today

There must have been a couple of hundred yachts out today.  I guess it was a good day for it.

Geese on the lake

Funny geese all swimming in a line

Then here they are again flying in a V in the other direction.

I wonder why they don't swim in a V.