Thursday, 22 September 2016

First stroke

I stroked Saphie for the first time in my way home last night. She's a nice cat.

24 floors now

The building's still going up and up.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Tv's playing up again but the cats are fine


It's September! Waiting for my train at London Bridge.  Is a wooly hat really needed?

The view from April's Dad's back garden

I wonder what they want.

And the fun begins

First rugby game of the season and I was picked for the 3rd team.  Played pretty well but not really fit enough. The boot to the face was a particular highlight.

No other injuries to speak of, just very stiff in 90% of my muscles. Ouch.

Spatchcocked my own birds yesterday

The recipe called for a poussin but all Waitrose had were quails. It turned out well in the end. Jerk Quail.

House photos

3 rooms down,  only another 5 or 6 to go.

Some cat photos

The usual of Poppet and Biscuit plus some additional ones of Charlie all the way from Australia.

All quite

I worked fairly late in the office last week (9pm), here's Lloyd's main underwriting floor completely empty.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Nice surprise

We leant a friend our Sat nav for their holiday a while back and this is what we get back as a thank you. Now to think about something to do with them.

She loves her envelope

Cat update.  Biscuit still prefers her new envelope to regular seating.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

14 years in London / City

I've been working in London for 14 years now (since last Saturday).  Wow!

I have to say it's flown by, but not sure if i'm able to do another 14.  It just doesn't really interest me any more.  I need to find something else to do as a career that also pays me a bundle of cash each month without having to work too hard too often.  It's either that or winning the lottery.

Which is more likely?

22 floors now

And growing day by day. I wonder when it'll stop.

Teaching computers swear words

I've been playing this game recently, Word Play. It's quite addictive, my favourite part is getting to teach the game swear words.

New shoes

I walked to work in my new shoes today.  Why do I do it to myself?

We can actually dress down at work now so I could in theory wear slippers.