Tuesday, 25 February 2020

More than I would have liked to have spent

The initial quote came back for the bespoke work I wanted done in my new office and it was a touch more than I initially wanted to spend...

Fitted desk, shelves above desk and a fitted bookshelf on the back wall.  It came in at a whopping £3,300.  I initially costed out what I needed to be under £1000 (etsy / John Lewis), however the room is a really odd shape with curves and angles all over the place.  I think it would still look great with shop bought furniture it wouldn't utilise as much space as we need in an already small room.

I went back to the carpenter and with a couple of adjustments, i've got it down to less that £2,500.  I didn't want to spend that much but think it will look pretty cool once it's done.  As it will be for my office I can expense it so i'll get the savings on corporation, and income tax too.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Kicked out of my office

Working from home today, but the plasters have kicked me out of my office they can do some plastering, looks like i'll be working in various coffee shops and bars today.

I was in 65mm coffee with April earlier, now i'm in the Firestation

The Fire Station


The top floor is mostly done now and they've made good progress on the hallway.  They're due to finish at some point next week.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Not very lady like

This is how our cat cleans herself.

Daddy's little helper

Flo helped me make panko risotto balls yesterday

A bit of a mess, but they tasted very nice.  April especially enjoyed the Russian roulette element of the meal.  50% of them had a small cube of Gruyere stuffed in the middle. 

Friday, 14 February 2020

Still flooded

The parkland around Tonbridge is still flooded.  It's been more or less like this for the past 2 months now.  The water levels in the river are very high and we're about to get storm Denis heading our way soon too.  Perhaps they're letting as much water out of the storm barrier now before they get another another load dumping on them over the weekend.

1 year at day rate

I started contracting a year ago today and all of that is at day rate!!!  And all in the same company, which is nice, one extension to my original 6 moth contract followed by a recommendation to another team, that another recommendation and a little part time back in my old team.  Pretty good really. 

My 3 month contract in Casualty comes to an end today.  Next week, I start work in Marine and Energy.  It's only for 6 weeks though.  Nothing new to go to yet but it's a little early to start looking.  In fact I won't be able to start on anything new as straight after this the Clark family are going on tour.  All the way to Australia.

It will be nice to get to somewhere warm for a while but I am not looking forward to the flights or more specifically having to look after a two year old on those flights. April will be nearly 7 months pregnant too so I imagine she will be milking it and getting me to do everything...

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Time for a more reusable cup

This morning I broke my 3rd reusable cup.  I was taking it out of my work bag to make myself a tea to take into work when it flipped out of my hand and smashed on the kitchen floor.  Grrr!

I think my next one will have to be plastic.  I'd have to really try to break that.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

3 days left

3 days left in my current role, and have just signed an extension to do another 6 weeks (30 days).  According to my contract

Specified Services
The specified services have been agreed with the Client and are to applied to the entire Assignment lifecycle.  Specifically:

  • Head of Pricing skills
Not sure where this is coming from but it amuses me.  If only my daily rate matched that.

For those not in insurance.  Pricing is not walking round buildings with a pricing sticker gun, 

It's trying to work out how much money to charge for the risk the insurer is insuring.

Amusingly my company's web security didn't let me open the first webpage I tried to get this above image.  FFS

Monday, 10 February 2020

Doing my bit

April gave her old DS to a local charity that helps out our local refugee families.  My PS4 isn't doing anything (last played properly 18 months ago), so they may as well have this too.  They can always e-bay it.

Cat towel

I'm working from home today as I had a few bits and pieces to do.  Josie kept pestering me to open my office door so eventually relented.  She then kept wanting to sit on my lap.  We negotiated and compromised on this.