Tuesday 9 November 2004

Finished 3rd wirh Liverpool

Finished my first season of Football manager last night. The best part was finishing above Man Utd, Alex Ferguson was taking the piss out of me all season. The Scottish twat. I quite uncharacteristically refused to get into the debate.

It's a very good game. A few bugs which could prove annoying, but hopefully they'll get sorted out in the next up and coming official updates.

Current errors

-You can buy a player whilst he's loaned out to another club
-Players start to become unhappy if they're not picked for a few games whilst still recovering from an injury

I'm going for a mammoth game tonight with a few more leagues in it. Not sure what sort of game I want to play yet.

New Game

-Start off in the old 3rd division
-Foreign manager at Liverpool
-Seria A, Juventus, Milan, Inter, or Roma
-La Liga, Real Madrid or Barcelona.

I think i've just answered my own query.

It's got to be Madrid.

May as well start at the top.

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