Thursday 27 January 2005

Eat my goal!

Get in! In fact get fucking in!!!!

I was due to be having my annual appraisal at this time today however I've had to postpone until tomorrow morning because of a new project i've been working on. As luck would have it we've just had a fire alarm which would have been right smack in the middle of it.

On top of that and certainly more importantly I've just been talking to my big boss outside in the plaza and he said that I will be doing appraisals next year myself!!!

Definite promotion, with staff!!!

Anybody want a job?


My appraisal is tomorrow, but won't find out about bonus and pay until the 14th of March.

Anyone free to get absolutely shitfaced the weekend after?

Homerisms(17) = "Trying is the first step towards failure"

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