Wednesday 13 July 2005

For your entertainment tonight

Escape from New York

10:00pm - 11:55pm


Including Entertainment News Update at 10.55

Sullen Kurt Russell impersonates Clint Eastwood in this tough futuristic western from director John Carpenter that never surpasses or fulfils the ingenuity of its premise - Manhattan island as a maximum security prison where the president's plane has crashed. Closely resembling Assault on Precinct 13 in tone and plot dynamics, it's certainly Carpenter's slickest looking film, with the presence of Lee Van Cleef reinforcing its Sergio Leone associations. But, despite a marvellous night-time opening sequence, this slice of escapism often disappoints, though it still rates higher than the poor 1996 sequel Escape from LA.

Homerisms(107) = "The slim lazy Homer you knew is dead. Now I'm a big fat dynamo! And where's that cake?"

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