Thursday 25 May 2006

Barcelona log 1

The first of hopefully a series of logs for the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Day 1
My journey to the airport was uneventful but my first worry was when my luggage was getting weighed in. My smaller bag that was packed for two nights in Cologne weighed only 1kg less than my much bigger Samsonite bag that was packed for 7. What had I forgottenÇ (Can´t find question mark so am going to assume that this is itÇÇÇ).

I arrived at the airport a little early and the BA flight was delayed due to the bad weather (Ha, ha) for half an hour so just sat and read and watched lots of chavs with Luis Vouton bags walk by.

My flight eventually arrived in Barcelona at around 6pm local time and it was nice and warm with the sun shining, not a cloud in the sky. Good start.

I made the decision to use local transport rather than get a cab as it couldn´t possibly be that hard. Luck would have it I found it very easy to get near my hotel but handed in the towel soon after once I started wandering aimlessly around the city bags in tow and eventually got a cab.

With a mixture of me pointing at my map and making car steering wheel hand gestures I arrived at my hotel 5mins later and €5 lighter.

I was very pleased with my hotel room (I should be, it cost over 600 quid (another symbol I can´t find on this bloody keyboard).

Í was very tired at this point so decided that all I was going to do was have a wander around the local vicinity and maybe try and grab a little to eat. There are no bloody shops in Barcelona. Or at least there are none open at 10pm. Eventually I gave up and had to laugh at myself. I ended up going to a garage forecourt ´Alan PArtridge Travel Lodge esc´. I´d like to point out that my hotel wass much nicer than a travel lodge and was no where near a motorway.

I must brush up on my Spanish however as there´s only so far "I-o speak-o no-o Spanish-o" gets you. So far so good however.

Day 2
I got up around 9am and went down for my breakfast. It´s the most important meal of the day afterall, and if I don´t want another repeat of the Alan Partridge incident i´d better stock up. I was impressed, avery good spread...

In my meanderings the day before I stumbled across a tube so made my way there. I was heading towards the Gothic district on the off chance I would bumpinto Ian. As it turned out it was very sunny (again) so there where no goths around). Being very warm I had drank quite a bit of water, and by the time I got there was desperate. Looking around I saw my saviour. A home from home, Starbucks. And to add a special little touch I was asked for my name when I bought my coffee, when it arrived I had a personalised paper cup with my name on it. Lovely!

I plan on updating if and when I get a chance.

See you.

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