Tuesday 27 June 2006


I'm off from work tomorrow / Thurs to move flats but still haven't found one yet so having to move into my brothers.

It'll be fine but hardly perfect. For a start it's hardly fair on Steve, Jen or the cats. A week's fine but any more than that and i'll have to seriously start to think about moving back home and commuting for a while. I think over 2 hour door to door. 4+ hours wasted every day...

The girls i'll be moving in with (eventually) are great but they don't seem to understand or appreciate the urgency on my part. Out of about 10 flats / houses we've seen so far I would be happy to live in 6 of them. There always seems to be an issue. Either too far from the tube, one bedroom smaller than another, too expensive for the area or countless other reasons. I may have to ask them to be more focused.

Here's the latest two. Very nice but again there are issues.


Hopefully the cleaning of my flat (it's getting a professional clean tomoorow afternoon) won't take long so that I can visit a few more tomorrow.

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