Monday 29 January 2007

Weekend review

Again, a pretty good weekend.

I took the Friday off from work to help April move from Wandsworth to Clapham. It went reasonably well although we did end up getting two parking tickets. I may save my rant about them for another time. I ended up helping her other two new flat mates too. It wasn't that bad I guess. Then we went on to another different music venue, again in Kings Cross.

This band (I forget their name) were a Norwegian 3 piece. Bass, guitar and keyboards. They looked as if they'd just got off a deep sea fishing boat. Not my cup of tea but not bad all the same. Quite transient. Cool venue though and I got to meet the rest of April's band.

Saturday I played rugby. We won 69-10 and I scored. Pretty good try actually, but I won't bore you with details. I was very tired after all that so went straight home for a bath, takeaway then 2nd half of the first Lord of the Rings with April.

Sunday was pretty good too. I took April to the Jolly Gardener in Putney for lunch and then we made sock monkeys.

To finish the evening I went for a bite to eat in Wimbledon before going to see Smokin' Aces with Steve.

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