Monday 26 March 2007

Lovely weekend

Friday night was pretty chilled out, I mostly watched rubbish on TV whilst laying on the sofa playing FM.

Saturday I was rudely woken up at 7am with my new computer desk delivery. Steve helped me put up the first half before heading off to play rugby (I’d called off as my fingers are knackered since last Wednesday). Then I finished the rest. I’m quite proud of it really as I’m useless at that sort of thing. Especially with the fact that I only had one screw left at the end, and that was because it wouldn’t actually fit in the hole. I don’t think it’s too important… touch wood.

After that I headed over to the Clockhouse in Clerkenwell where I saw April’s band the Fly by Nights play for the fist time. I was very impressed.

Sunday was lovely too. After lounging around in bed till the afternoon, I went for some comforting macaroni cheese at the Jolly Gardener, bought a lamp shade and a cool poker set.

After that I cooked a lovely roast lamb dish before settling in to watch 24 on the goggle box.

I didn’t do anything major but it was truly a lovely weekend.

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