Thursday 17 May 2007


Just had a look at the order status of my new laptop and it has been built, dispatched and is now with the couriers. It's original delivery estimate was next Tuesday.

I hope it turns up sooner as i'd like to play with it at the weekend. Only problem is that i'm not really back at my flat for the next few days so I won't be around to sign for it.

Argh! You are tormenting me with your efficiency...

In other Stu gadget news, i've ordered my new phone Sony Ericsson w880i, but having looked a little more into it think I may swap it for the new N95. It'll be a little more expensive but think it's a much better phone.

I'm also buying Steve's Sony 30gb mp3 player for £50, I borrowed it when I went to Hong Kong and it's pretty cool.

Off to the rugby in a minute, wish me luck...

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