Tuesday 4 August 2009

I went to the gym twice yesterday

April was doing her fitness class back in Tonbridge so thought I may as well.

In all I ran for 4.5km (30 mins), cycled for 15mins, rowed for 10mins, swam 30 lengths, and did 20 minutes of weights.

On my second trip however there was a problem with my membership, it appears to have lapsed. The let me in anyway but am a bit annoyed. I've got to speak to HR later as the money's certainly came out of my wages.

Also i'd like to make a comment about fat women doing aqua aerobics, what's the point? I only managed to hold in my laughter due to the fact that they were probably laughing at me. For some stupid reason men have to where swim caps whilst swimming. If you're nice i'll post a picture...

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