Monday 28 September 2009

X-Box 360

Well, I finally bought one, although I very nearly didn't bother. I went to a PC world, looked at the price and deals. £200 + free extra contoler + Lego Indy + Kung Fu Panda. I then walked next door into the Currys and they had exactly the same deal so decided to buy it there. I wasn't fussed about the two games but with the extra controller I thought why not? 30 mins later still waiting for the fuckwits to get the various bit of the deal together I left.

I mean come on. You main job as a shop worker is to sell stuff. You just lost out on £200, all for being an idiot. I then went to an Argos and bought it through them. the box was £195 and the game deal was £20. Halo3, Halo Wars and Forza 2. John Madden 10 is in the post as we speak.

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