Wednesday 21 October 2009

FM 2010 demo

Whilst ill yesterday I stumbled upon the new demo for Football Manager 2010. My first impressions were that they'd messed everything up as I couldn't find anything but once I got into the hang of things it was pretty much the same.

Other than the updated database, there only seem to be a few changes. Improved tactics and assistant are the two that seem most improved. Some of the other changes aren't working however, like the Premier League table. I click on it to see where I am and am faced with a blank screen. When I click on the club injuries table it takes me to my fixture list. When I click on the match analysis tab when playing a game, there's nothing there.

Hopefully these'll all be resolved by next Friday when my full version should arrive. In future though, rather than messing with the interface (which works fine) concentrate on the database and game engine. If it aint broke don't fix it.

This all won't matter if the idiots at the Royal Mail don't deliver it on time.

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