Wednesday 4 November 2009

Heaven and Hell

I got to the station early this morning so jumped on an earlier train, i'd have to walk accross London Bridge as it was a Charing Cross train but the sun was out and it's usually quicker than heading on through to Cannon Street as usual.

We got to about a mile out of London Bridge before stopping and didn't move more than a couple of meters forward for 20 minutes. Move forward a bit, 10 minutes, move forward again 5 minutes. We finally arrived at the station and it was rammed so took another 10 minutes to get out.

To de-stress I put my headphones in and put some Black Sabbath on. Heaven and Hell. Great track. Quite Iron Maideny. Or Iron Maiden are quite Black Sabbathy.

I'm sure they had a frustrated commuter in a suit, carrying an umbrella and the book First Things First (coping with the ever increasing demands of the workplace ), when the wrote it...

I finally got to work at 9:25, that’s an hour and 45 minute commute! Argh! Damn you trains!!! but as my friend next to me said, at least you missed 25 minutes of work. I left work at 6:40 on Monday so they still owe me 1:15 in my eyes. maybe i'll have a long lunch...

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