Friday 8 January 2010

Result! A seat on a train

I braved it in today, only 30 mins late but it could have been an awful lot worse. The first train was rammed tight, almost as bad as my old commute on the Northern Line when living in Clapham, so we waited for the next which was due 25 mins later.

15 mins later another train turned up and was due to terminate at Tonbridge, it dully did and they turfed everyone off. As the last people were stepping off the train and getting ready to wait for the next train to London a tannoy announcement stated that the train they had just gotten off was getting re-directed to London. Being at the front of the queue we walked straight on and got two seats. Result!

If that had happened to me I would have went ballistic! I have to admit it was pretty funny though.

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