Saturday 17 July 2010

Home sweet home

Urgh.  Just got back from our week long holiday.  Tired now.

Monday:  5 hour drive to Looe, quiet night in.

Tuesday:  A wander round Looe before going to a Monkey sanctuary then a cider farm and a lovely meal in Looe.

Wednesday: A drive to Plymouth to go on their gin tour, followed by a lovely meal in Looe.

Thursday:  Drive to Fowey, to go canoeing but once we got there were told that it was cancelled due to the bad weather, so had a good wonder round and a nice bite to eat.  Then off to the St Austell Brewery for a tour and a couple of decent ales.

Friday:  Drive to a lovely country stately home, finding out that it was £12 each to get in so went to see an old jail instead.  Then off to the Camel Winery for a tasting.  Drive to Padstow, a wonder round then dinner at Rick Stein's.  Brilliant!

April had some sort of oriental crab thing and I had some mackerel to start.  Then April had a Thai fish curry and I had 2 whole massive chili crabs.  It was hard work but I managed it without looking like too much of an idiot.  To finish April had a Satsuma Sorbet while I had some cheese and some port.  Yum, yum!

Saturday:  Drive 3 hours to a village outside Bristol to see John and Ros and their new baby Ethan.  Luckily he doesn't look like John...  Grab a bite to eat then drive home to Tonbridge

Sunday:  I plan to do nothing.

Pictures: Driving to the cider farm, meeting Boo Boo the monkey, April and her cream tea, meeting a sad pub dog, April at the winery, April in sunny Looe, Stuart the monkey.

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