Monday 20 September 2010

Killer in the family

I found out on Sunday that there is a killer in my family.  It's my dad and I was shocked.

We were talking about the possibliity of maybe getting chickens one day, perhaps when we have a bigger garden and more space, I said that I wouldn't be able to put them out of their misery if they were ill, i'd need to get a vet in.  That's when he dropped the bombshell that he was a killer.

We had two hamsters as a children.  Firstly we had Dodger, when he died be replaced him with Gurgi (of the Black Couldron fame).  I don't really remember but apparently he used to bite a fair bit so my mum and dad decided to get rid of him.  Not by letting it free and giving it a chance in Corby, they decided to drown it!!!  My dad killed it in a bucket!I did wonder why it was wet...

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  1. Adds more weight to the shotgun & Sunny theory...