Thursday 19 May 2011


My team had to do a presentation to the whole company last week but I managed to get out of it as I hate doing that sort of thing. Each team member (8 of us) had to present a couple of slides talking about one specific element of our capital modelling work. In all I think they did very well but there were a few amusing moments.

The guy that sits next to me knocked the slide controller on the floor which created a big "W-HAY" from the audience (instigated by me, he, he). If given a little more lead time I should have done a "de de diddle diddle du de de de, TISH!" (circus music, you have to have played for S&L RFC to appreciate this).

Another amusing point for me was our graduate (he's no longer a graduate but he'll always be one in my eyes) dieing on stage halfway through his slide. He started of well then 30 seconds in started to struggle then passed on the baton to our boss to finish off.

The beauty of it all is that it was all filmed. The reason for this is so that those who work in a different country or those that just missed it can watch it on our intranet. I prefer my reason for it. So that I can watch their agony again and again. He, he!

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