Monday 9 May 2011

Above inflation rise

My tea was 10p more expensive this morning.  That's a rise of 7.7%, way above inflation (last year it rose by 8.3%), and crazy.  I am seriously considering making my own tea in the morning.  Over the course of the year that's an additional £27 which I think is totally unreasonable.  All they do is put hot water, milk and a teabag in a cup and hand it to me.  £1.40 seems like a bit too much.

But this is nothing when compared to the great tea price increase of 1999 when I was working for Aquascutum.  A cup of tea went up from 10p to 15p overnight (50%).  This nearly resulted in riots.  Or more accurately it resulted in one bloke bringing in his own teabags and milk each day.

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