Monday 17 October 2011

Good night

Thanks guys for a really good night. It means a lot to me that so many friends came. Highlights for me were obviously the meal at Hawksmoor and the delightful cocktail you made me drink.

Zombie (Maximum 1 person)
Three Rums, Falernum, Absinthe, Homemade Grenadine, Grapefruit and Lime Juices, with a Navy Rum Float
Done the Beachcomber took infinite plans to safeguard his recipes.  His bartenders were given them in code, along with bottles containing complicated pre-mixes, market only with letters and numbers.  The Zombie, his most famous invention, was the most closely guarded of them all.  It's Tiki-land in a glass, but be warned, ours is as strong as Don's, so we recommend you find a friend to share it with. 

Beers and shots in the Crobar where my ankle gave way causing me to fall over, didn’t spill a drop mind, but I do have a bruised ankle and a sore arm. Also, in the Crobar, John’s face after his ‘special’ shot with the additional 10 shakes of Tabasco source.

Another rock pub to add to my list of favourites was also great below Garlic and Shots where we managed to fit all 12 of us into the tiny cave area with candles. It was almost romantic.

My memory certainly starts to get a bit hazy after this, but I’ve heard on good authority that April’s old band were good…

It all got a bit much for some,

I made the 10:20 home to Tonbridge so think I was in bed by not long after 11.


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