Wednesday 21 December 2011

Rob Deering review

We went to see Rob Deering at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells last night.  It was a Christmas based comedy and food night.  2 course meal followed by two comedians Mr Deering and Kerry Godliman.  The food was good although a little overpriced for what was essentially middle to good home cooked food but the comedy was great. 

We arrived at our reserved table which to our horror was right at the front.  Did we get picked on?  Yes.  The compare asked April and I (mostly me) loads of questions.  Nothing too embarrassing...

Mrs Godliman was funny although a little centred on her life and how horrible it is having two young children.  Funny all the same though.  The headline Rob Deering was very good, I recognised his face from somewhere (Quite a bit like Kryton from Red Dwarf) but hadn't seen his act.  He basically pokes fun out of music (this time Chirstmasy themed) whilst playing on his guitar and using his effects peddles.  I'm not really doing him any justice here but if you get a chance go and see him, you wil not be disappointed. 

Verdict:  Very good indeed

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