Thursday 15 March 2012

SC Million Pound Idea no.1

Mobile phone augmented reality electronic pub quiz answer generator. (I need to work on the name and the acronym MPAREPQAG)
Here are some examples of augmented app technology that are currently available
They basically interpret information based on what the mobile phones camera sees, it then adds to the image shown on the screen.

An example of this is translating text. You point your phone at a menu written in a foreign language it the reads the text, translates the words then replaces the words on the screen with the English ones. Brilliant.

My idea is more or less the same but you point your camera at the pub quiz machine, it reads the question, finds the answer either by having a database of pub quiz questions or by googling, then tells you which answer to pick.

I’ve had a quick google for it and I think I’ve came up with it first. It may be a little illegal and you’d have to go to lots of pubs but I think it’d work.

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