Sunday 2 December 2012

Call me Mr Fixit

Or on second thoughts, probably best not to.  I think i've mentoioned before on here that recently my laptop has been overheating and shutting itself down.  Rather than get a new laptop just yet (every 3 years) I googled "Dell overheating" and low and behold it is a fairly regular occurrence.  Suggestions on the web were it could be the heat sinks being clogged up with dust. 

I'd opened it up before to clean the fan (this didn't help much) so wasn't too fussed about giving this a try.  Plus, there was an online video helpfully showing me exactly what to do.  Anyway, after opening it up, locating the heat sink and eventually prying it out the bloody thing was covered in dust!  Or more probably bloody cat hair.

A quick clean and reattachment later and my laptop is back to normal.  Well I hope it is.  It's suspiciously quiet so maybe the fan doesn't work. 

Watch this space.

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