Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review of 2012

Well, so what have I been up to in 2012?

House move
We're still living in Tonbridge.  At the tail end of summer 2011 we put our house up for sale which the view to moving to Greenwich.  We even went as far as putting in a couple of offers on a couple of houses but due to no activity on our place removed the house and decided to stay here for another year or two.

We love Tonbridge though and have made lots of friends in addition to the few we knew already.  We've also made the local pub the P&J a second home and the land lady now knows us by name.  Other than the pub I worked in back in Corby that's never happened to me.

With part of a present from April's dad we took a trip down to the south west where we went glamping, or glamorous camping.  In the summer it would be fun but we did this in March / April.  Bloody freezing!

In July we went to Portugal with a couple of friends.  One of their colleagues owned an apartment out there and lent it to us for a week.  Good fun indeed and the little place we were in was really friendly.

Shaz's wedding
Shaz got married this year.  Great fun was had by all.  It was like being a teenager again.  Aston!

We made it!  Our first year anniversary.

We went to Mexico for the first time in November.  A great place with really friendly people.  The weather was great and was what we needed but it was an awful long way (10 hours) to go for just a week.

I hurt my finger playing rugby back in October and it ended up being both dislocated and broken.  Ouch.  I've since had an operation to reattach some tendons and to fix the knuckle.  Although still sore, fingers crossed it'll get better soon.  The physio is impressed with it's movement so far.  Watch this space.

I convinced April to go in half way for a new TV.  47 inches of pure HD.  Lovely!

Big changes at work, my old manager has now left and the team has changed considerably.  It's been interesting.  Let's hope it stays that way

Here are some key words for 2013


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