Monday 24 June 2013

Rail fares

When we first moved to Tonbridge our annual rail season ticket was around £2800 a year, it's now £3850, each year it had percentage increases of greater than 5%.  One particular highlight was a 12% a couple of years ago.

If this continues in line with my current salary increase then in around 70 years my rail fare will be more than my annual gross salary!  It's down to a little over 60 years on my net!!!

I'm not saying that I will be working for the next 70 / 60 years (I probably won't be alive) but it is ridiculous. When you factor that in to the fact that both of us are having to pay the fare it's a big whack out of our monthly income.

What am I going to do about it?  Not much.  I can't really drive in as the petrol and parking costs would be about the same plus I like a drink or two after work on occasion so that really wouldn't be a choice.  Could I get the bus?  Yes, but I'm not a pikey.  Plus similar to the point above they only run a couple of services at night so having a drink after work would mean having to pay for the rail fare on top.

My only plan is to win the lottery.  Saying that, I did win £13.20 on Friday.  A few more of those and I'll be laughing.

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