Friday 12 July 2013

Last night

We went to see Political Animal last night at the Udderbelly.
But before that I met up with my mate James in Waterloo Station for a couple of beers, we've found out about Bite card.

Not sure what they get out of it but it gives 20% off stores at participating stations.  Stores such as Upper Crust, Pumpkin and even Burger King.  The bit that caught our eye however was you also get 20% off booze in the bars!

After that I met up with April for a quick drink before our meal at the Archduke (part of the Black and Blue chain).

Very pricey for what it was and my main was served cold, T-bone steak which had to be sent back.  All this was just shy of £100 after £10 discount for the cold food.  In comparison it wasn't too far removed from the price we paid to go to Thakerays the week before which is Michelin stared.
Anyway back to the Udderbelly.  We arrived just in time for the show,
MC Andy Zaltzman
Matt Forde
Paul Sinha
Mark Thomas
I'm a big fan of Andy Zaltzman, or more accurately the podcast he does with the Daily Show's John Oliver.  Although not a natural MC he did a good job and made everyone laugh.

Matt Forde, I don't think it was him, but whoever replaced him was less good, basically just an angry lefty loon.

The next chap who I'd not heard of before was Paul Sinha and we were both impressed.  Very funny man who apparently used to be a doctor.
The headline was Mark Thomas who was a late replacement for Josie Long.  Mark Thomas is of course another angry man with definite left tendencies but the main difference with him and the Matt Forde imposter was that he was funny.
Anyway, a good night out.  Not sure if I'd pay the extra money for the 'sirloin' seats again.  It just meant we were near the front in the middle.

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