Monday 3 February 2014

Who would have thought

Getting a watch strap repaired was such a pain? The strap on my new watch (birthday present from April) broke when it was put in the valuables bag during my rugby game on Saturday. When I took it out of my stock the strap was broken.
I took it into Timpson's to get repaired but they couldn't fix it as it needs a special screw. They recommended going to a jeweller.
I went to the closest and actually had to get buzzed in! Not quite Fort Knox, but close. The place had a massive security guard that introduced me to a very posh chap who took a look for me.
Although my watch may not be a Rolex or an Omega it certainly wasn't cheap. He'd not heard of the brand so couldn't help so suggested I bring in the spare links where they will have spare screws attached.
I've got a feeling he's going to do it for free, as I'm sure I will shop there for real in the not so distant future but watch this space.

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