Sunday 23 March 2014

New phone on route

Just ordered myself a new phone. I've had this current one or at least a version of this one (phone replaced as I broke it) for nearly two years now which is a long time for me. I'd usually get myself a new phone and a new contract every year but since moving to giff gaff and with Android being virtually the same on each phone the only point of replacing it is if it stops working or becomes too slow. I've bought a sim free version as I've been very happy with giff gaff, especially the price.

The phone's still very fast but has started to fall apart a bit with the headphone connector intermittently packing up and a slight warming up issue, butopefully I'll still be able to get a few quid for it.

My tablet however has become noticeably slow and unresponsive. I may have to replace that sooner rather than later. Anybody want an 18 month old Samsung 10.1?

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