Saturday 26 July 2014

Busy day

The cats woke us up at around 5 this morning but it was okay as we got loads done.
We ripped out all the carpet from the stairs and landings then took it to the tip. There's a shed load of spiky carpet grip that also needed pulling up so got the majority of that up.
Then we picked up some logs for the fire.
We also went to a second hand charity store to find furniture for some of our rooms. Didn't find anything though.
We picked up a new lock / catch for our bedroom door (to keep the cats out and to stop them waking us up).
We popped into Majestic to stock up on beer and wine.
After that we popped over to a recently done up garden centre for lunch and to pick up some plants for our hanging baskets.
Tonight we're off to a friend's for a bbq before heading over to our old local.
Loads on tomorrow too. Urgh. I'm going to need another weekend at this rate.

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