Friday 25 September 2015

Useless, useles fuckers

We've recently changed utility suppliers to a cheaper one. When it came to providing the final meter readings the lcd of the electricity meter didn't work so I called British Gas (name and shame) to send out and engineer to fix it. 

I booked off Wednesday morning to work from home and nobody turned up. I called at 1pm to see where they were and was promised the engineer was on his way. At close to 4pm I called again to check where they were and was informed that nobody would come.  The chap on the phone was then going to get back to me with an estimated bill for my electricity and gas.  He didn't.

On calling them again the next day the girl was not very helpful and said I now needed to arrange for an engineer with the new provider as my contracts had now transfered over.  I wasn't having this so asked to be put straight  through to their complaints  department. She was helpful, and informed me that no engineer was booked in to see me on Wednesday.  In fact the one that was supposed to come wasn't able to fix the issue I had. They were only qualified to read a meter.  I think  I can do that myself. I had been each month for the past year already.

My last contact with yesterday was that they were unable to provide me with an estimated bill.  I asked if there was any form of compensation and she offered me £22 for the missed appointment.  I almost laughed when she said it. She agreed that it was too low.

She's arranged to call me when I finally get the engineer over from the new company with a better offer.

But given all that.  The worst part of the whole experience  was getting put on hold, and I was put on hold an awful lot. The one and only tune they had and they probably paid an shed load of money for was a FUCKING Coldplay song. I think it was called Fix You. FUCKING FUCKERS!

Now breathe...

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