Wednesday 16 March 2016

4000th post

I passed post number 4,000 earlier today.  I can only apologise to all my fans for my continued grammatical errors, poor spelling (some is down to suggested text and mobile posting and also not checking what has been submitted).  Most is down to not caring that much and being poor at spelling and grammar.

4,000 posts in nearly 12 years.

What's gone on since then???

I was...

24 years old
Living in London
Still working in my first proper job

In short my life has changed considerably.

I'm now...

Living in Tonbridge
I'm now on my second house
The owner of 2 cats
On my 4th job (could be 5th in the not too distant future, watch this space...)

Sadly my most popular blog post tag is work with 327 posts relating to it.  Surprisingly cats is only 2nd with 233.

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