Thursday 7 April 2016

It's going viral...

To cut a long story short (i'm hearing it second hand)

An American friend of mine was in a meeting at work and somebody used the term 'brucey bonus'.  There was much hilarity in the office when she had to google it and came up with the urban dictionary version (I'd not heard this before).  The person in the team meant the Bruce Forsyth one.  Whilst googling what it meant she looked at images and to her surprise she saw a picture of me.  This is the post.

(I think Ian has corrected me since and said it was Shaheen not him that year)

Anyway, now my blog has additional Tonbridge readers (we will see if that is actually the case) I may have to curb what I say.  For all the cat fans, don't panic.  I won't be changing that side of the blog.

It's certainly a small world.

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