Monday 9 January 2017

The inaugural Tonbridge games night is tonight

I'm only able to see the dweebs (you know who you are) once a month these days so i've decided to try and set up a semi regular board game night with some of my Tonbridge friends.  I've had a couple of dinner parties over the past year or so where we've played a game or two afterwards that have been successful so thought it would be nice to see how a regular session went.

Our new favorite pub in Tonbridge (The Foresters Arms) is an ideal venue, although i'll have to head back to mine first to get changed then cart the games back across town first.  There's plenty of table space, they do their own pizzas and will be quiet most Mondays.

There were originally going to be 5 of us playing tonight  but we've had out first call off this morning, but have been informed if I were to move it to Wednesdays then we'd get a couple more going too.  If that was the case we'd have a couple of games going at once which would be good.

No complicated games at first.  Perhaps a bit of icebreaking with a spot of Flux or Tsuro, then a bit of Splendor and Lanterns later. 

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