Friday 17 August 2018

Nearly home

I've loved these past 4 and a half months in Chicago.  It's a great city with really friendly people.  Having friends coming over for visits has been good too.  Thanks to the Matthews, Penneys, Clarks, Houghams and Olleys.

Looking after Flo has been hard work but it's been a lot of fun too.  She's come on a long way these past few months and has really got a distinct personality.

April's got 7 and a half more days of work before we head to Niagara Falls for a week or so (most of that is travelling and stopping off at various places).  On the way back we're going to head into Canada and have a day trip to Toronto.

We're finally due to fly back on the 11th of September, landing back in the UK on the 12th.  It will be nice to get back and start getting back into a normal routine.  However I will first need to find a job.

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