Monday, 14 October 2019

PC update

I've had some problems with my new PC since it arrived last week.  Basically it keeps crashing 5 mins into a game.  I spoke to the tech guys and after a bit of digging suggested it could be a problem with the ram.

Rather than sending it back for them to take a look at I had to take sticks of ram out individually to work out which one was causing a problem.  I've done this and it's running smoothly now which is great but I will have to send it off to get replaced.  One thing I need to test is if I move a working ram card into the slot where the faulty ram was removed.  Will it still work?  Then it would be a problem with the mother board.  I'll do this tonight to confirm then speak to the guys tomorrow.

I guess i'll have to make do with 32gb of Ram for the time being!

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