Thursday, 17 October 2019

Testing, let's hope this works

I've been testing my new PC (not as much as i'd like) over the past week and it hasn't crashed so I think we've identified the issue as a faulty ram chip.  A courier is due to pick up the faulty chip tomorrow at whilst i'm at work and replace it with  a new one.  Let's hope it works when I replace it at the weekend.  Otherwise it's a motherboard issue and I think i'll just send the whole thing back.

64gb ram is much better than 48...

I can now play Total War Warhammer 2 without the surface struggling.   I've also tried Pillars of Eternity II and Battletech with the new graphics card and they all look wonderful.  I re-installed Fallout 3 (New Vegas) and Skyrim last night (April was out) and gave them a whirl but don't think I have the commitment to play through them again.

There are 2 or 3 other games that I own on steam that i'd like to revisit now that I have a computer able to run them but I'm now also looking for a new game to play (before the new FM release next month).

I'm also interested in running a game through the PC as a host and playing it downstairs on my laptop.

The fun i'm going to have whilst unemployed (6 work days left of my contract!!!)

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