Friday, 14 February 2020

1 year at day rate

I started contracting a year ago today and all of that is at day rate!!!  And all in the same company, which is nice, one extension to my original 6 moth contract followed by a recommendation to another team, that another recommendation and a little part time back in my old team.  Pretty good really. 

My 3 month contract in Casualty comes to an end today.  Next week, I start work in Marine and Energy.  It's only for 6 weeks though.  Nothing new to go to yet but it's a little early to start looking.  In fact I won't be able to start on anything new as straight after this the Clark family are going on tour.  All the way to Australia.

It will be nice to get to somewhere warm for a while but I am not looking forward to the flights or more specifically having to look after a two year old on those flights. April will be nearly 7 months pregnant too so I imagine she will be milking it and getting me to do everything...

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